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Practical Measures To Boost Your Existence and Realize Your Dreams Today

By: Stevie Murphy Mon, Oct 09, 23

Embarking on a journey toward an extraordinary life and fulfilling your dreams requires actionable steps taken without delay. ArmourRX wants to hel...

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Simple Yet Effective Habits for a Balanced and Healthy Life

By: Zack Spring Wed, May 10, 23

  Living a healthy lifestyle is crucial for sustainable wellness. It empowers us to feel better, think more clearly, and improve our overall qualit...

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About the Rumors

By: Scott Nankivel Sun, Mar 05, 23

Jon Jones, the legendary UFC fighter, has recently moved up to the heavyweight division, which requires a significant increase in muscle mass and s...

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Protect Your Health While Traveling for Business

By: zack Spring Tue, Nov 01, 22

Traveling for business can be exciting because you have the opportunity to see dozens of new places. However, when you travel a lot, it can also be...

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Lifesaving Jet lag tips and more for International travelers

By: Scott Nankivel Mon, Oct 25, 21

Do you want to avoid being flat on your back in the bathroom of a Boeing 747 with your swollen feet propped up on the sink? Then keep reading, beca...

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Gut is the new Brain

By: Joshin Joseph Mon, Oct 25, 21

Did you know that the gut is considered your second brain and if it doesn't function right, you don't function right?!  Some research suggests that...

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