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By:Scott Nankivel Mon, Oct 25, 21

Lifesaving Jet lag tips and more for International travelers

Do you want to avoid being flat on your back in the bathroom of a Boeing 747 with your swollen feet propped up on the sink? Then keep reading, because that was me 7 hours into a trip to China.

Luckily, those days of leg swelling and vacation destroying Jet Lag are gone. I will share with you the best practices I learned during my 7 years of business flying, so your future trips aren’t cut short unnecessarily. 


  • Don’t stuff your bags under the front seat so you have room to stretch your legs and mitigate pinching behind the knees.
  • Calf pumps to prevent clotting. With toes on the ground raise your heels.
  • When you go to the restroom walk to the one furthest away. While you are in there do some deep knee bends and up to your toes.
  • Upon arriving at your destination, go to a park or beach and walk around barefoot for 20 minutes. A Journal of Environmental and Public Health study concluded that, “…grounding appears to improve sleep, normalize the day–night cortisol rhythm, reduce pain, reduce stress, shift the autonomic nervous system from sympathetic toward parasympathetic activation, increase heart rate variability, and reduce blood viscosity.


  • PINE BARK Has been studied and shown to reduce both the duration and severity of jet lag, cutting down recovery time by 53%.
  • NATTOKINASE Extended periods of immobility, low cabin pressure and high altitude increase risk of a DVT for all flyers. Natto breaks down fibrin and fibrinogen, diminishing chances for plaque and red blood cell-induced clot formation.
  • MAGNESIUM Has been known to dramatically reduce swelling in feet, legs and ankles. Low magnesium intake is linked to chronic inflammation, which is one of the drivers of aging,
  • IMMUNITY Post pandemic we all must protect ourselves against airborne pathogens in airline cabins. 3 big hitters are Vitamin D3, Zinc and Elderberry. 

Initially I purchased many of these ingredients individually through high quality brands such as: Thorne, NOW and Double Wood. That became expensive and inefficient so I researched brands with travel aids. 


no jet lag, no-jet-lag, homeopathic


This is one of longest sellers on Amazon however, like its competitor Genexa these are homeopathic remedies. But a quick Google search will irrefutably determine that homeopathics have been scientifically debunked due to its principal belief of diluting its active ingredients with water, millions of times. Personally, I like my "active" ingredients to be "active". 

1 Above

This is a convenient tablet that dissolves in water and has Vitamin C and all a full Vitamin B complex. It does have Pine Bark but only 40mg which was below the market of the research study. Also it has NO Nattokinase.


1 above jet lag pills 

Flight Armour, Jetlag pills, jet lag pills

Flight Armour

This is the supplement that I ended up choosing because its formulation contains all the previously listed ingredients and more. It is the more expensive option but I felt my business trips/vacations are worth insuring. Travel is expensive and I don't want to lose days of enjoyment because of jet lag.  


The bottom line is travel has more health hazards than we all realize. Vacations usually only come around once a year and are usually too short so don’t spend half of it in your hotel bed or worse yet…the bathroom. 

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